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Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 05:44 am

Out tomorrow!!!

Reviews are the highest for the series in a long time.

I loved Rome 2 after it got patched up (Emperor Edition is brilliant), Atilla did nothing for me and Shogun 2 is the high point of the series Warhammer notwithstanding.

Ambrose, Pilon...you in?

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 10:16 am

Candy Arse wrote:Ambrose, Pilon...you in?

You know it :up:

It's out today, I preordered the Limited Edition (Steel Book Case and Strategy Guide) with birthday vouchers and I'm having all four of my wisdom teeth out today too, so I have the rest of the week off work to recover with Total War :up:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 10:34 am

There were also new Nvidia drivers released today.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 11:28 am

Not unlocked on Steam until tomorrow around 3am! FFS

I'm going down to JB to buy the LE.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 12:41 pm

"Cannot be installed yet because it has not been released"


Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 12:41 pm

Yep, retail version won't install either.

Fuck this shit.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 12:49 pm

Oh I know, I just bought the LE.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 07:59 pm


Just got back from my op, got a mouth full of gauze and ice strapped to my face, and my wife is at the chemist picking up my painkillers, BUT IT'S INSTALLING!!! :nana:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 08:10 pm

They must have brought the release forward BECAUSE I'M NOW PLAYING IT! :up:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 09:17 pm

Don't forget to grab the Chaos Race Pack from the Steam Store too, free for this week only :up:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 09:49 pm

Already got it :up:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

24 May 2016 11:29 pm

Ok...first impressions are really really good!!!

Re: Total War: Warhammer

25 May 2016 09:19 am

Right, time to play :D

Re: Total War: Warhammer

25 May 2016 10:35 am

They've added RPG elements to what is already a really solid game design. Can't wait to spend all weekend playing this!!!!

Re: Total War: Warhammer

25 May 2016 08:26 pm

Going from Doom to Total War may not have been the best idea ... I need to slow down and be patient cos I am sucking big time :lol:

*reloads campaign on Easy for third time*

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 09:21 am

I've started with The Empire on normal, will probably go up to hard pretty soon as I can see me rolling through this campaign. I play TW games regularly so am in form...

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 11:14 am

I chose the Empire on Easy. Was following the advisor's ... advise and am getting owned. I can win the first battle against the rebels, then in my first playthrough some other prick attacked me while I was starving out the town haha and I was surrounded and beaten and Karl Franz died, second playthrough again I won the first battle against the rebels, took over the town this time, then a mission popped up telling me two groups of rebels were meeting (I like how both playthroughs started completely differently), I ambushed the first group easily enough, second group came, I got bored waiting for them so sped up time a bit nek minnit "close defeat" wtf? damn it :lol:

I am a bit of a Total War newbie. Have the original Medieval (retail version) but can't get it to work on Windows 10, and I have Napoleon that I got for cheap but haven't played much of (classic Steam sales). I can't seem to find a proper tutorial mode in Warhammer? There's a lot of info thrown at you and I'm not sure what to do (especially in the strategic screen). Like can I upgrade buildings? Build new buildings? I tried to create a new army when I captured the rebel town, but then I couldn't move that army?

I'll keep plugging away.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 12:02 pm

Yeah Warhammer has taken a LOT from Rome 2 in how it has connected regions now. There's actually a lot here lifted from Rome 2 (even voice acting) but they've then put a few more touches on top to suit the Warhammer universe.




Some reading material. I would also read those links in order.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 12:07 pm

Thanks Candy :up:

Each faction begins at war with one neighbour: Vampire Counts have Templehof; the Empire have Empire Secessionists; Greenskins have Red Fang; and for Dwarfs it's Bloody Spearz. Your first battle against them will be simple, but then the survivors flee. If you have enough movement left to pursue and attack again, absolutely do that. If you don't they'll either fortify a settlement or regroup alongside that opponent's other army, which is usually nearby, and attack you. I lost Azhag The Slaughterer by turn two thanks to this, which is just embarrassing.

Glad I'm not the only one! :lol:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 03:37 pm

OK so my most recent playthrough attempt.

I've fought the rebels at Grunburg twice. Two decisive victories. Their leader is dead, and I've captured the city.

The basics of battle I understand. I have my swordsmen and spearmen up front, my archers behind, and I use my cavalry to sweep around the back and take out their archers. I then flank them with my archers and shoot their army in the back :lol:

I've recruited a Lord and given him an army. So now I have the cities of Altdorf and Grunberg, and two armies. A million possibilities of where to go/what to do next. And I still don't understand buildings and technology and that side of things yet. This is where I get stuck so I've stopped playing to do some more research :lol:

I also want to bust out my old Battle Masters board game:

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 03:39 pm

Go and take over the other two cities that are part of that region and then play around with them.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

26 May 2016 08:07 pm

I also need to stop getting suckered into "Oooooh shiny!" when missions pop up. They don't appear to scale depending on the level you're at. A bit like Dragon Age: Inquisition where you have all these rifts that need closing that you can see but can't actually do anything about yet.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

03 Jun 2016 02:56 pm

Ripped through the Long Campaign with The Empire on Normal. Had a big boss battle with Chaos around turn 170-something, but because I was packing a horde of steam tanks I clobbered them.

Time to up it to hard.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

11 Jul 2016 10:39 am

OK - Vampire Counts are the most fun race, especially with the Radious mods installed. Way more units, better enemy AI, more balanced economy etc.

You still playing this Ambrose? Hard ain't too hard if you think about what you're doing.

Re: Total War: Warhammer

04 Feb 2017 04:55 pm

This game is available through Humble Bundle for $12. Insane value. Even if you cancel the subscription straight away you still get to keep the game. Humble Bundle Monthly is the best deal in gaming at the moment.


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