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 The Official Red Dead Redemption 2 thread 
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10000 words or your money back!
10000 words or your money back!
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Madmya wrote:
flipswitch wrote:
PC version has just been confirmed to be running at a locked 0fps :up:

:lol: :fight: :lol:

It's really stupid it's not coming to PC as well. Ah well.

I guess the best version will actually be on the X.

Just because it isn't announced that a pc version is coming is not the same as them saying there will be no pc version to come out ever.

This is just a way for them to milk the biggest PAYING userbase first to rake in the money to then later fund a from-the-ground-up port to pc where they take care to optimise the code for that platform after console version is done.

I like this idea better than simultaneous release because it means they are completely focused on the platforms rather than dividing their attention and doing half-assed job.

There are lazy ports (for example dragon age origins on console) and polish ports. (GTA V to PC, Pillars of Eternity to console).

We should encourage developers to take their time and make ports good rather than rushed and sloppy. This way everyone is happy rather than everyone being pissed due to lack of care shown for each platform in order to get it our fast. Since these types of games take like 5 years to do (much like the average zelda or elder scrolls game) they may as well do it well. They are rolling in money so it's not like they need to be in a rush to get it quickly to save the company from death like Capcom who forgot about megaman fans and making dragon dogma sequels and instead chose to make fighting games with no arcade modes included out of the box. If it weren't for Monster Hunter, capcom would probably be dead by now.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

10 Oct 2017 09:01 am
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