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 Monster Hunter Tri ID's n shit 
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10000 words or your money back!
10000 words or your money back!
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I just posted up a few things but it got lost or something in the void of cyberspace.

Took ages typing it all up.

But in summary:

All my armour is upgraded roughly to hunter armour with gems that enhance my psychic skill. (autotracker kicks arse)

My leather armor set has Divine Whim so I can mine shit without anything breaking easily.

I can solo qurupeco easily now that I have Royal Claw+. It seems to drain all thier stamina with water damage so that they take longer to recharge their bar. This makes it a lot easier to trap or kill them.

Group monster kills give me a problem. I end up having to wait for those qurupeco hunts. (calling other monsters to fight for him makes him very dangerous for solo gamers) The qurupeco is easy but having to fight him while he called another guy who hits me after hitting qurupeco is what I hate.

I am slowly geting the hang of grenades. Throwing shit while keeping my sword at the ready. After this I will experiment with horns. Things like healing horns and antidote horns allow for group healing and stuff.

Autoguard is a great skill which I use all the time. Some monsters are just unpredictable. I recommend this skill for noobs. It can save your life. Especially when you get crushed into a confined space and can't quite see what monster is hitting you or going to do next thanks to the way the camera is trapped between you and the monster and makes it hard to see.

Right now I am going to try to see if I can solo gobul and barroth while wearing the hunter armour still. I have lots of money to upgrade but I want to see if I can survive a bit longer before changing suits. level 4 beasts is where I start to get scared to hunt solo.

I have yet to solo defeat rathian, but I have fought it a bit. I just don't want to do it by wearing armour with elemental weakness to fire. All the flying enemies seem to put you in "wind stun" when they flap their wings so I want to get some wind resist type skills just like you would be better with mud resist for the barroth.

Flooded Forest: the third stage that gets unlocked is flooded forest which I've still yet to completely look at in detail to find out what new items can be gathered that couldn't from previous stages, so I am going to do that next and see what those new ingredients and things can be combined with to complete the combination guide. More offline farming, gathering, research for me for now until I am happy with my knowledge of the resources that can be gather from there and what items can be created from it.

I think if you are a sword and shield user, I would recommend you carry all kinds of grenades and see how they all affect the creatures that way.

For example when I fight the great jaggi I get into the habit of throwing a flash bomb just to make the smaller guys go dizzy for a while to ensure they don't get in the way. (I think the whole point of jaggi being a weak big monster is that he can call several smaller guys with his call) The other guys with big weapons can just swing thier big sword or slam the hammer so that it creates some 'group kill' effect that Sword and Shield guys don't have. So it's important to get used to items while you fight. Since you can use an item while having the sword in your hand you can save time.

One thing I have noticed: when you are carving and there are several smaller jaggi, you can hold the torch in your hand and they will hesitate to attack. Always do this when carving up some big monster so that he won't interrupt you while you get the item. Another thing: beating the jaggi with the torch will actually result in them running away and disapearring in to the wall. I didn't know this before. I tried it on the female jaggi (jaggia) while it was hanging around after I killed a great jaggi, and it ran away and jumped into a hole after I hit it with the torch.

To hit something with a torch push towards the direction you want to attack using the analogue stick, then press A. If you stand still and press A you will just wave it side to side. Some creatures fear fire, while others are attracted to it. An example is when you are trying to mine in a dark cave. When you equip a torch the flying insects will try to attack you now that they can see you. While the worms will get scared and stop attacking. (to prove this put the torch away and notice how the insects can't see you and won't attack anymore. But now the blind worms which dont need light start to attack)

Use this to your advantage and combine it with the ability to repel creatures with dung bombs to manipulate them. It will make life easy when you know what combinations of things wil be in an area and then you can plan your attacks better. Let's say you want to try to trap a big monster and know there will be insects there to hit you while you are busy setting the trap? You want to repel the smaller creatures or scare them with whatever they hate, before you begin to set the trap. This will ensure things won't attack you and cost you time. Plan everything.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

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