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 Movies you've seen lately. 
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So is anyone else salivating at the thought of a new Blade Runner very soon?

21 Sep 2017 06:18 pm
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Trying not to - don't want to be disappointed!

Am getting hyped for Thor though.

21 Sep 2017 07:17 pm
10000 words or your money back!
10000 words or your money back!
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Saw It.

Wasn't as good as the one from the 90s.

It was gorey but lacked the building up to horror that is lacking in modern horror movies where it all about jump scares and loud noises to make grandma have a heartattack.

Blade Runner: Will probably see it when it's ready but it should just be a TV series like West World imo. Ghost in the Shell had a tv series (animated) so why can't Blade Runner?

I thought the Ghost in the Shell movie that was made recently didn't capture the power of being a cyborg enough. If stories were told in episodic form, you can make more in-depth characters who can change over time to think about why they exist and what motivates them to do what they do and this works best to get people to think about the impact of the technology on society and how it affect us in negative and positive way. Eg notice how everyone looks like zombies when you walk on the streets with their phones with them? They are more connected to each other than ever but will ignore the local guy on the street who they could have talked to for strangers on social media. Everyone has become more cold and detached from friends and family in the real world for love and attention in the virtual world which is fake.
And now the feminists are using social media to push 4th wave feminist crap down our throats like a religious vagina worship cult that is taking over the entire world. Governments can use these tools to brainwash people into becoming more collectivist in thinking to get them to confrom like what organised religion used to do when people went to a church and the leader of that church group could shame anyone who disagreed with the leader's interpretation of things in the bible and use the people as a mob to harass the guy that disagreed with the leader's opinions on things.

How political groups can use social media as a weapon is by creating millions of sock pupet accounts to create a sense that their numbers are larger than they actually are and bully (through peer pressure) the free-thinking guy with original ideas to conform to the popular thinking of the day rather than everyone thinking for themselves so they don't need a social group to obtain validation from. And this would work best in tv series form than movie. Movie could be made as miniseries. Each season has one big replicant boss that is the mastermind behind things and taking them down is like trying to beat a boss in Metal Gear Solid game.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

29 Sep 2017 11:31 am
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