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Re: Movies you've seen lately.

04 Jan 2018 04:06 pm

Ugh.. are you still peddling your flawed efforts at snark?

If white people don't like a movie because there were non white people in it even when it is more than plausible.. they're fucking stupid. A black person playing a white supremacist would be out of place.. an Asian woman playing a space ship mechanic is not out of place.. and if you think that is.. that's your problem not mine.

Disney is trying to make Star Wars for everyone and that means reflecting the diversity of our community (and broadening their marketablity) and if you (and others) can't make peace with that.. well.. :shrug:

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

04 Jan 2018 06:04 pm

Sorry, I just have to.


Re: Movies you've seen lately.

04 Jan 2018 08:11 pm

Yar Twisted got it.

General isn't racist he just hates white people.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

04 Jan 2018 08:30 pm

Nah.. I don't hate white people.. I'm just consistently disappointed by them. That's the difference.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 10:21 am

Yeah, I feel much the same about every other race that feels they need to be represented in everything by actors that look like them. It's pretty gross that people need that sort of thing nowadays just to be able to relate to a film.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 11:08 am

It doesn't actually hurt or even affect anyone by doing it so it really shouldn't be a problem as we see people of various ethnic backgrounds on a daily basis.. unless a movie is about a historical event or specific subject matter.. I just don't see why a movie cannot reflect real life diversity.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 12:14 pm

I believe there was an uproar by the leftard dolts when The Historical movie Dunkirk wasn't diverse enough with women and coloured people. The movie was filled with to much white male toxic masculinity.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 03:32 pm

The Frenchies also got upset :lol:

Dunkirk was a success, Star Wars is a success, it seems most people don't fall into the raging nutjob category praise Jebus.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 04:07 pm

guttermouth wrote:I believe there was an uproar by the leftard dolts when The Historical movie Dunkirk wasn't diverse enough with women and coloured people. The movie was filled with to much white male toxic masculinity.



Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 05:01 pm

yeah or you could link to the plethora of articles of people having an a sook about it's lack of diversity.

So to go back on track from our resident racist General Cyberfunk I have watched a couple of good movies last week and some shit

Boss Baby - Surprised me this one, enjoyed it a lot, quite good.

Atomic Blonde - Non stop and also really good. Charlize surprised me being able to carry the role as a real hard ass, I was worried she'd be too nice but seems like the perfect fit for her and the scenery and stuff is fantastic.

The Great Wall - WTF is this. Just no terrible, looks like they spent on their time on outfits and CG scenery.

Cars 3 - Is alright, feel maybe a bit of a downer for kids but is the 3rd movie now so a lot of shit is pretty tired in it. Still hate Mater

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

05 Jan 2018 06:31 pm

Froggy wrote:yeah or you could link to the plethora of articles of people having an a sook about it's lack of diversity.

So to go back on track from our resident racist General Cyberfunk I have watched a couple of good movies last week and some shit

Why bother? I'm well aware there are idiots who simply didn't pay attention to the core subject matter and realise that eg. Dunkirk would have had a majority of white males because they were the demographic that actually were in the war. Those people are silly. But then so are people who think that it is completely out of place for there to be an asian woman as a ship mechanic.

Or as you so charmingly called her - a fat asian.

There's no point in arguing this further since I'm happy to acknowledge there are situations where diversity nut jobs go mental... you on the other hand are more interested in hyperbole.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

06 Jan 2018 12:19 am

Saw Star Wars the other day. Hamill was boss and I really liked Laura Dern's character. Kylo Ren seemed less of a twat this time around. I dunno, I pretty much watch Star Wars for the spectacle, and while I would have preferred to see more planets and less ship interiors, I thought Episode VIII was pretty fun.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

06 Jan 2018 11:26 am

Funniest is "Why is there no diversity in Witcher 3????"
Normal person response: "There were no PoC in 13th century Poland"

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

06 Jan 2018 10:33 pm

GeneraL CyberFunK wrote:
Vince wrote:I don't give a flying fuck about equality or exclusivity or asains/blacks/whites/whatever fucking race or colour you are. The film has to make sense and actually BE GOOD! TLJ is shit. You can try color it all you want but it's shit. Having quotes from "woke" individuals comparing the Original trilogy with the shit we are getting today is desperate and total bullshit! The original trilogy is so perfect they've modeled these new films on them. They're carbon fucking copies. But they've fucked them up because you can't beat perfection. Best thing is seeing these morons belittle the original trilogy- mind you these new films are modeled on- to try make this sequel trilogy look better is desperate and pathetic. GCF, you're throwing out the same shit most of this films defenders are throwing out to make us haters look racist and wrong in any criticism of this film. I'm not racist and I hate this film. I didn't see this intense defense of the prequels and I'll take them any day over this crap.

You know.. you could have said "Given the world we live in today.. equality and diversity is important to many people".. but no.. you just don't care.. at all. It's easier to just get all frothy than you know.. be articulate and respectful. When someone feels that diversity feels out of place.. that's a concern. Acknowledgment that the previous films had well.. none when you look at the OT... Yes.. it looks odd.. but it now also looks real.. I can see why people would say it feels out of place.. but I can also acknowledge that it is a different time.. a different group of people and characters and that it's actually a step in the right direction in terms of including people of colour because when you consider real life.. they are everywhere.. so why wouldn't they be in space also? I'm sorry that your imagination has such walls around it.

Oh FFS.. now you're getting frothy. I love the OT.. warts and all.. the OT has issues... but I am okay with it.. I can justify them.. and given that we were given the prequels to help fill out certain parts of it... it made them richer in terms of how much we know about them. They've modeled the new trilogy off it because 1. It's a direct follow on.. and 2. People don't like change... even adding more strong women and not white people has upset people.

You like the prequels as it brings out the inner child in you.. and the new movie kills that inner child I suspect.. or at least it pisses him off.


This is actually a great article about this exact phenomena.

I repeat:
There is nothing wrong with diversity. There is nothing wrong with tough women. We are not against there being diverse people in the movies GCF. You are fighting a strawman and not US! We watch movies with diverse people in them. What we are against is discrimination against people who are white because white people are not the problem. Being racist against whites is not the solution to stopping racism against other races. Do you not understand what I am saying?

We don't want war between races and minorities fighting and competing against white people. We want people to be hired based on merit. How many fucking times do we guy have to say it: we love that things can be diverse. You are claiming WE are the racist ones when it is YOU who is racist and people don't want non-white movies not because we favour white people over other races to be in the movies but because it is racist to take a white guy's job simply because he is white and not because he is poor at the thing he is doing. By taking a white guy's job and giving it to a minoity race just BECAUSE they are minority race, you actually insult the minority because you are saying to them that the only reason they got the job was because you pulled strings for them and not because they are good enough to not need your help. You are indirectly telling them they are inferior to the white guy by claiming that they need your help to get the job. And people are sick to death of your SJW types thinking you are morally superior to christians and whites and majority races because you THINK you are when in reality you are just creating division between races of people and groups of different people so you can profit from the fighting. Much like arms dealers making lots of money during war and hating times of peace because it means low profit for them. Ok? That's why we don't like the politics in our movies and games and in our comics. You are morally inferior to US. We don't have to take shit from you guys because you invade OUR spaces and we don't invade yours. You have the agenda not us. And we don't agree with your world view on things so we don't care what year it is. It could 2068 for all we care. That doesn't make SJW morally right to do what they've been doing. We intend to fight you and not let you ruin stuff. (Angry Videogame nerd deserve respect imo for not reviewing ghostbusters 2016. )

You guys need to be taught a lesson: We don't care about your dream of anti-male and anti-trump and anti-hetrosexual world vision. We think you guys are brainwashed and just don't understand how you got brainwashed over generations so you THINK you are doing what is right but you are being usd and exploited by people much smarter and more cunning than yourself.. To convince you of this you need to look at who is pulling the strings and why they chose to purchase the star wars property. The people who now control the stories are admitted feminists. I am ANTI-FEMINIST because there is no such thing as equality in nature and this has caused females to want to control men like utilities and use them and abuse them. All the kids who grew up with single mothers as parents end up becoming criminals and have no father to guide, discipline them and so these movies enable a more gynocentric world which is harming men and turning them into pussies. There are virtually no heroic chracters in this story that are male. This was a female power fantasy movie and this form part of why it sucks because in the real world men are the mechanics, the techies, and the soldiers that fight not women. Men make all the tough decisions and deal with stress better than women. You've just been brwinashed over half a century through modern tv and movies to believe women are equal to men when science says that is not true. Now you can say but this is just a story, it's fantady movie. Ok fine, but older movies in star wars had equal male and female characters that were strong. So this movie is different to the old ones. Princess leia was a tough character. But she didn't have so much power that she was a mary sue level of godlike status.

Please stop the comparison to the old movies. This movie just sucks plain and simple and I am glad more people are waking up. Parents should teach their children that males are not the same as females. Then show the evidence to support this. Then tell little girls not to do stupid things that will get themselves killed. They are not unstoppable people and if women start a fight in a bar and they end up dead because a angry drunk man bashed her head in after she agreed to have a fight and thought she could beat a guy 4 times her mass and beat him using nothing other than because she is female, you are going to see a lot of hurt women who are confused why they can't cmpete with men physically. I'm sorry if I have shattered your dreams and ilusions but I deal only in reality and truth. There is no virtue higher than telling people to their faces the facts of the matter so they can make the right choices. What we have in society is dads being demonised by feminist and little boys will grow up to rsent this society and turn to violence. Now you want to start more fights and all I am doing is stopping fires from being lit. You like violence and even threatened to 'break my fingers' simply becaues I disagred with you on some topic. I still remember this. You got to look at WHO is wrting this story and ask yourself WHY they are writing it. They want war between the sexes so that men and women fight amoungst themselves. They want to breed hatred as it gives the left wing government power to purchase votes of the minorities who are tricked into believing a bunch of rich white liberals have their backs but in reality they are just being used to keep the rich white liberals in power for longer time. It's not that the rich white liberal actually CARES about the minority. And this is where you need to be schooled. in the 70s blacks were middle class. Then in the 90s you saw movies promoting thug lifestyle to little black kids and trying to make it cool. That's my problem with these political messages in movies: you do not want politicians writing stories for entertainment. They are not to be trusted. And neither should you because you think that by giving people jobs based on race and gender you are righting wrongs. No you are NOT. You are just keeping your own political leader in power for a bit longer by allowing them to buy votes and making the minority feel inferior by letting them have power for a time on the condition that they serve/vote for your guy. We can see through you guys. We don't like it. We don't like your strawman arguments (that we want only white people in movies which is not true) and we think the movies would be WAY better if the oriignal creator still had control (we know it's not going to happen) and stories were written with respect to the way the universe works. (ie the force is 'strong' in luke because of something special or different about him ie his relationship to people who were much more force sensitive than most, and not because of no reason at all which is what Rey's backstory is, which is bulshit to me)

The movie is shit. You may have enjoyed it. But the movie is shit. I can enjoy shit movies too. But I don't say they are not shit if they are shit. We should move away from the discusion about wheter we liked it and more towards the discusion about whether it was in fact a shit movie. A shit movie which doesn't explain how characters can be so powerful overnight in one scene and so powerless in another. A movie where black guy is friendzoned by a weak white girl with no muscles on her and she is rude to him for no reason when he saved her. I think if a story has annoying characters in it, it fails for me because I have no interest in what happens to those characters. The prequels had jar jar. These new ones pretty much all of them I actually can't wait to see them die in them lol It's because they lack any heroic quality in them. They were written on purpose to be losers so the females could appear tougher. I get that. But I don't have to like it. You can like it. But these new disney SW are not as fun to watch as older ones because of the way actions have no consequences anymore. One minute people are dying in wars, then someone cracks a joke and it removes the serious tone from the wars. Old SW movies had some humour but it fit within the context of what was going on in the scene and didn't feel really awkward like in these new movies where it just doesn't fit.

Ok so Trump won the election and these SJW are angry. But shitting all over escapist entertinamnt isn't going to help your cause. It will just make people turn more to the extremem right more because you are acting like babies. I think you guys need to learn that if you push normal people too hard you will be inviting danger in the real world. You do not fuck with nerds. They beat your asses in the gmaergate thing when they exposed your corruption. Do not think they will allow you to get away with ruining more of their stuff for too long. (disney should be scared: the latest EA Star Wars game is getting heavily criticised for being a POS like Mass Effect Andromeda. You can't trick these guys as easily as the dumb masses who just swallow anything due to public school education numbing thier minds. The real resistance are the honest nerds vs the communist infiltrators, not minorities vs white imperial troops who are as harmless as ewoks) This whole idea that thier are nazi skinheads hiding under every bed reminds me of the neocons selling us the idea that brown guys took down the twin towers. You are both the same. And the public is catching on to the manipulation tactics of these political groups. And we are angry not at each other. But at you.

Quote from Optimus Prime: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. You want freedom? The resistence wants freedom? Then you can't EXCLUDE white guys who got their job due to merit and not on skin colour. You guys only want to protect freedom of those who voted your corrupt political leader in. And this is why movies now suck. Politicians are trying their harest to brainwash us by hijacking the stories. Mark Hamil is angry his character was ruined thanks to you guys. He is a legend a pop icon for many nerds. You basically ruined their hero.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

06 Jan 2018 11:37 pm

Candy Arse wrote:Personally I'm not concerned about fat Asian chicks kissing black dudes, I'm concerned about the entire story arc being fucking pointless and the movie itself being a Bay-esque clusterfuck of a shambles.

First and foremost this movie's issue is that it sucks. Fly Leia, flyyyyyyy!

But the question must be asked Candy: Why did they make the asian FAT but they made the stronge white female protagonist SLIM?

Now do you see where I am going with this? Most asians are skinnier than white girls who live in the west and eat fatty fast foods from america. Why couldn't they get a asian female antogonist who is cunning and capable and have Rey fight the asian rather than her just beating up men? The answer: because feminist need to send a message that men are the bad guys. It's subtle and it's there. It's just like whenever there is a black guy in a mostly white guy movie, and whenever there is a criminal he happens to be a poor black guy. And he is less moral than the white guys. This sended a message to balck kids growing up watching it that the only thing they can be is thugs. Now the SJW instead of staying neutral and being about equality, they are reversing it: make the white guy be the bad guy and make the men be the thugs. So in reality they are fomenting hatred again but in reverse. Instead of wanting peace between groups the left wing radicals are up to their old tricks again.

It takes a guy like me to point this stuff out because I hang around people from all different backgrounds. I have nothing to gain by fighting for the suffering of men or white people. I just call bullshit when I see it and we all know hollywood is occultic and uses images to brwinash society by normalising certain behaviors. Kids will copy what they see. When they see stuff in movies they want to be the heroes in the movies. So whoever controls the entertainment can control the minds of future generations of kids.
Now I know people are going to deny it but what you watched growing up as children affected you. For me: it all went downhill when they killed optimus prime in the transformers and replaced him with a weak whiny little shit who didn't want responsibility and only got the job out of luck and because the other character was incompetent and can't think for himself. Shit like that affects whether you like a story becase if an unlikable loser character is the central focus of a story you really have no incentive to want to continue watching/reading. Same deal with new star wars. I don't give a shit if Rey were to die and if she ever did I would clap. I mean it. I want the protagonist to be killed. LOL
Contrast this to characters in DragonBall Z: you actually are MADE to give a fuck when villains beat the good guy because of all the sacrifices made to get the bad guy weak enough to be killable for the another character who is no match trying to do it by themselves. In SJW Star Wars? The mary Sue character can just do anything she wants and needs no help and no sacrifice is made. Polar opposite to the DBZ ones where instead of feeling bad when they struggle to win, you feel that no matter what the mary sue does you already know she can't be made to break a sweat because she is invincible.

I am turning away from american shit now. And don't lie you'd prefer to see a sexy asian not a fat asian who is only there because of the fat acceptance movement. I think it is insulting that the white feminist character gets the limelight and my idea of a much more powerful female villain with a body like Ibuki from Street FIghter 3 and skill of darth maul should be used. Really guys: if you want asians to not be insulted put them in as major characters that are bad ass and not secondary sidekicks who are fangirls of other characters who are incompetent themselves. (black guy is just there to fill the quota not the main reason people will watch star wars. Black feminists would never accept a strong black male characters over a strong white female character even if the whites are competition for black men's attention. The rule is that women will always take the side of another woman against men. Much like the borg they are a collective.)

Oh and about Rogue One? Notice how nobody here seems to care that the main character is female? It pretty much proves to GCF that we are not attacking the movie simply because of gender thing, it is due to the movie just being shit and not being consistent with how the characters would act according to the universe that George created. Do you guys know why Peter Jackson did such a good job bringing Lord of the Rings to the big screen? He never tried to deviate much from the original author. They didn't do this with Star Wars. They threw the lore away like it was shit to be flushed down the toilet. And this was probably a reaction to criticism that Force Awakens is just retread of old stuff. But the decision to just throw the lore out is so extreme. It shocked people to see Luke throw the lightsaber away when the previous movie had built up to that point. Almost feels like a skit for a comedy and not the real thing.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

07 Jan 2018 09:48 am

The disaster artist. James Franco is fucking fantastic go see

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

08 Jan 2018 08:07 am

Looking bad for TLJ in china:

Hooray :up: sales of blu ray may help

I think the chinese are more into Gundam anyway..The inclusion of achinese female yoda who takes holographic selfies of herself while killing men didn't do jack shit. And Rose isn't an alpha female character but more of a support for the black guy which chinese do not like. Nice going disney..That's why if you don't put a sexy alpha female asian character in the story the asians are not going to care about it. It's mostly males that are in china and reality is feminism is more of a cancer spreading in western countries. So it was destined to fail imo.

ridley scott disses TLJ:

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

13 Jan 2018 01:37 pm

More bad news... china cutting screens:

Guess JJA should have had control of all three. It wouldn't have been better than the OT but it at least would have pleased younger fans who didn't see the OT. The future of star wars is in more gritty and adult movies like rogue one imo. Let's hope han solo show doesn't suck....Will the feminist make him a beta male cuck? (out of character to who he really is, much like him not shooting first in the OT when George wanted to make SW more kid-friendly)

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

15 Jan 2018 08:48 pm

It's OK snowflake, they've made a version of the movie just for you

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

19 Jan 2018 03:17 am

Ambrose Burnside wrote:It's OK snowflake, they've made a version of the movie just for you

Not that I'm defending the MRA's but it wasn't them who created this stupid edit of the film...

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

19 Jan 2018 08:45 am

I love that its not ok to be an MRA but its perfectly fine to be a feminist.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

20 Jan 2018 08:57 am

If a feminist dribbles out the same shit as GameHED, then they're both on the top rung on the nutjob ladder.

Re: Movies you've seen lately.

20 Jan 2018 06:59 pm

Absolutely not a question of "if".


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