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 The Transformers thread - new CG animated series announced 
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Boundless Generosity
Boundless Generosity
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I wanted to post the awesome looking dark of the moon figures in here and then have a whinge... ... sbro-toys/

Why the fuck does megatron have a rag on his head? Are robots not able to repair themselves? fucking shit...

Transformers Prime ep 6 is up. I have got it but am loathe to watch it. The 5 part mini series to get you into it was all kinds of terrible. It's like I have woken up to find michael bay standing above me with his penis inserted into my mouth and he is staring at me while slowly nodding his head, murmuring "yeah, you'll like what I give you". I know it's got nothing to do with Bay, but it's Orci and Kurtzman who wrote the two TF live action films, and they have gone for the look of the movies. So it's his influence forced into my mouth while I sleep.


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14 Feb 2011 01:45 am
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I thought the Bayverse version of Megatron was a wank who didn't like hiding his alien appearance and seemed to take his battle-wounds with pride kind a thing?? I don't mind the rag and the whole thing has a madmax feel to it in truck form.

I am really liking the design of Sentinel Prime toy. Looks more formed G1 style rather then shards of metal shite. Word has it Takara are doing a movie masterpiece version of that Sentinel Prime as well!


14 Feb 2011 07:30 pm
10000 words or your money back!
10000 words or your money back!
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Was going to put this in the mech/toys thread but thought the TF are technically speaking living entities with mechanical bodies and not actual mecha (which are just machines in general)

Fuck me if this isn't the best Deluxe sized toy I have ever seen of Perceptor (magnifying gimmick is included in the toy instead of the stupid spring-loaded gimmick of old toys they always shoehorn in but which nobody likes :P) :

The titans returns line is really hitting it out of the park.
Bought Blaster the other day and he looks amazing. (probably the best leader class sized figure of the three out currently. Soundwave being the close second)

Recently watching the Headmasters anime on youtube and now I have the itch to collect all the major characters.

episode 1 here:

Season 1 playlist:

(note: hasbro has blocked some from one of the uploaders :( but you can see the others. Watched about 7 so far..Got Wolfwire, Hardhead, and ChromeDome figures but can't find that pink crocodile guy lol. Not that I want it. But I always thought that was a funny colour choice for a robot croc green with bright pink hehe)

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto

26 Mar 2017 07:49 pm
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