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The Official Thread of Seeking the Truth.

29 Jan 2009 03:14 pm

I thought it was time we have a full blown official Conspiracy Theories thread. Maybe we can keep GameHED's stuff in here? ;)
In true GameHED style, I've written lots.

I don't ask that you believe any of this stuff. All I ask is that you read with an open mind. Do your own research. Make your own mind up.

I do ask that you don't blindly reject any of it though. Blindly rejecting any of this stuff is as stupid as blindly believing any of it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Sorry, it is all very brief, as there is so much to cover. I will try and flesh some of them out a bit over time. Also, sorry about any grammatical or spelling errors. I raced through this typing it up, as there is just so many topics.

Personally, the three big topics for me are FEMA Camps, Verichip/RFID, and Chemtrails which are all real IMO. I don't necessarily believe any or all of the rest, but I have included it all for discussion.

It's a shame Pats gone. He's a strong skeptic, and it would have been nice to have got his input.


FEMA Camps in the US
FEMA Camps are real.
600+ fully operational, fully functional, fully staffed, empty military camps across the United States with inward facing barb wire with mass transport (such as train) infrastructure. Previously denied, FEMA camps are now confirmed see HR645 proposed legislation. Fema coffins are also a conspiracy theory, although I don't buy into this.

Verichip / RFID
Verichip is real.
People have already willingly been implanted. The minute you take the chip, you can kiss your freedom goodbye. But it's all worth it for the convenience right? Just wait till you're paying tolls to pass through sub-divison sectors with your Verichip. Just think of the convenience!

Chemtrails are real. Why though?
Why is the government spraying us? Some say that Barium and Beryllium levels in the atmosphere are far higher than what is acceptable for human consumption. Chemicals that can reduce human resistance to bugs allowing pandemic. And what is the link to Morgellons syndrome?

Arlington Institute
Measures human intuition on the Internet. Can predict 'events'. Proven massive spikes in data prior to global events.

Martial Law in the US
Almost certain to happen some time in the next few years. Because of massive civil unrest, due to the worsening economic situation, attack from external sources, or false flag attack.

The erosion of personal freedom and liberty.
Continuing erosion of personal freedoms.

Perhaps a reality in the coming years.

US Economy
Things are not going to get better this year. The US economy is going to be far, far worse.
The continuing economic collapse can possibly reach the point of the collapse of the US dollar.
I highly recommend YouTubing Ron Paul.

9/11 was an inside job
Lots of evidence that perhaps points to involvement from within the US government, or if they weren't involved that they knew and allowed it to happen. In particular the collapse of WTC7 is suspect.

Ron Paul
The seemingly only US congressman with any common sense. Well worth YouTubing.

Barak Obama
Yay! A black president! Barak Obama is George W. Bush v2.0
Barak Obama is completely backed by Wall St and the NWO, and looks after their interests.
Youtube Professor Griff.
Look out for the new Alex Jones movie "The Obama Deception" coming March 15.

American foreign policy
American foreign policy will likely not change. US will not withdraw from Iraq and Afganistan. Iran, Pakistan and possibly Venuzeula are in Americas sights.
GWB and Dick Cheney will not be impeached for their war crimes including torture.
Mexico is in real trouble. The far North, such as Chihuahua are completly run by drug lords. This is a real threat to USA security as Mexico unravels and Mexicans start pouring over the border into USA.

Guantanamo Bay
Completely illegal. People being illegally detained and tortured without charge.

North American Union.
Despite the problems with Mexico, the North American Union is essential to the NWO plans. A union of Canada, USA and Mexico and a new currency, the Amero. The collapse of the US dollar is helping to make way for it.

European Union.
Of course this already exists and has been a big disaster. Greece is collapsing. Athens is essentially anarchy right now. Iceland has collapsed. Riots and civil unrest already in Eastern Europe. The other Western European nations (including England and Scotland) are in massive economic distress.

Asian Union.
Kevin Rudd has said he expects this to happen by 2020.
China will not escape the global economic collapse.

Global Warming
Completely without evidence. There is no proof whatsoever of Global Warming. It is a myth to create 'Carbon Tax' to help fund the NWO.
The Earth may be getting warmer, however there is absoluely no link to human intervention.
Apparently both Saturn and Mars are experiencing global warming. How are humans causing that?
The Sun is unusually hot right now. May be to do with the coming global flares.

Media manipulation of the public
Big topic - to be revisited.

CFL Lightbulbs
As part of the battle against global warming, good old incandesent lightbulbs are being banned in favor of CFL lightbulbs. What you're not being told is that these new CFL lightbulbs contain Mercury. If one is broken in your home, then your home is Mercury contaminated requiring a thousands of dollars cleanup operation. How is this helping again?

Internet filters and access to Information.
Internet filters are inevitable. You will not know what the powers that be do not want you to know.
This will of course include any kind of critical political commentary.

Censorship (including YouTube)
YouTube now actively delete content and accounts pertaining to the 911 stuff. Why?

A mind bending and addictive toxin contained in soft drinks.

WiFi radiation
Far more dangerous than mobile phone radiation.

GM (Genetically Modified) food and Mercury.
Soft Drinks contain high levels of Mercury.

The Mayan calendar ends on Dec 21 2012.
Lots of conspiracy theories around this one.
It is confirmed that there will be solar activity in 2012.
Some say that Nibiru/PlanetX (the mystery planet of our solar system) will be passing.
Some say bringing with it the return of the Annunaki.

The Large Hadron Collider
Yet to happen. Still massive questions over whether black holes could be created.

The power elite who decide the direction of the world. Has been referenced many, many times by world leaders.
Likely includes Rothchilds and the Bildeberg group.

Religion likes to get involved in Conspiracy Theories. The book of Revelations is scarily plotting current events.

Terrorism/AlQueda/Osama Bin Laden
There are people out there that questions the existence of highly organised Islamic terrorism and even the existence of AlQueda. Osama Bin Laden is either dead, or in on the plan.

New guns that make your skin feel like it's burning are real.

Global Depopulation.
Looming massive world depopulation?

Massive underground safehavens.
These have been real since at least the 60's. With current technology, they apparently go kilometers underground, have massive caches of food and water to maintain human life for a long time.

Denver International Airport.
Murals telling a possible future for cleansing and rebirth. Rumored massive underground labyrinth of bases.

Paul is dead.
Paul McCartney is dead. Lots of things point to PM being dead and replaced by a look alike. I just threw this one in 'cos it makes me smile. ;)

Other Topics not covered:
Life on Mars

Recommended Movies
End Game (Alex Jones)
Big Brother, The Big Picture (David Icke)
The Obama Deception - Comes out March 15 2009.

Google or Youtube any of the topics above while you still can.
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29 Jan 2009 03:26 pm

Another recommended movie is 'Free Energy - The Race to Zero Point'

29 Jan 2009 04:25 pm

Great idea twisted. It's like giving the kids a movie to watch so you can have ten seconds of peace where they don't ruin your favourite threads with nonsense. :lol:

29 Jan 2009 04:58 pm

You soooo couldn't wait for the case of beer on the cranberry couch.

Paul is dead.
Paul McCartney is dead. Lots of things point to PM being dead and replaced by a look alike. I just threw this one in 'cos it makes me smile.

"Cranberry sauce" = "I buried Paul" at the end of Walrus, listen to it, its real man !

29 Jan 2009 09:23 pm

i love these. give me some links to some awesome reading

29 Jan 2009 09:38 pm

tbh I find the stuff about Nibiru most fascinating.

Here's a couple of links. The second one is the longest. It takes a looooong time to read through it, but once you get into it, you'll be there till the end. :D n Even if you don't believe one word of it, you will finish it wanting to be a better human being. If I had have been aware of ATS forums when this was happening, I would have for sure asked about Verichip and RFID. I think the forum dropped the ball on that one.

http://www.projectcamelot.org/bob_dean_ ... cript.html

"Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider" Cannabis most definitely recommended.

29 Jan 2009 09:47 pm

This is a really good Youtube about Verichip/RFID.

This one is awesome about the NWO and whats at Denver International Airport.
Part 1

Part 2

30 Jan 2009 07:47 am

Right or wrong, this one is hilarious. :lol:
(Pray he's wrong).

30 Jan 2009 08:18 am

Thanks TE. But seriosuly the only reason I put those conspiracy things in the other threads is because candy kept putting his reptilian shit in the good threads. If he is allowed to put stuff like that in threads, then I figure I should be allowed to as well.

Like I could be having a conversation unrelated to what he wants to talk about and then he mentions whether reptilians had something to do with it. It gets old hearing him mention it, so I figured I have to respond to his posts.

My view on the reptilian thing is they could have been on earth in early times and went underground due to some cataclysmic event (similar to the characters in the fallout games) and then when they re-emerged after many ages living in caves, they found out a new species was on the surface. They bided their time, and interbred with humans (alien abductions = mass cloning project to replace us and take control of the human race without having to invade) and the international community secretly hides stuff on aliens and surpresses the information from the masses because they made a deal with the aliens "power and technology for keeping all your underground bases on earth and the moon a secret."

Just like in "They Live!" Of course not everyone will agree with my theory about the ufos, how nazis communicated with them, the secret space program, how interdimensional "monsters" (they are intelligent beings who can be summoned by the mind) fit into all of it. But I don't care. Why do so many people see ufos and the airforce is so quiet?

Why are humans always fighting in wars and killing each other when majority of us have nothing to fight over? Because the aliens have taken over using excuses like "oh we got to help rescue some people in some distant land" to make it sound all humanitarian but they just want to steal the earth's gold and control its resources and then when they are happy they have everything they need, they will leave us to die. Humans are useful only so much as we are their slaves and obedient worker bees.

Already there is going to be worlwide drought so they can lessen human population and make us easier to manage. The farmers in australia are commiting suicide. Can't you see the signs of what's going on? They are already here.

I want you guys to google "colony collapse disorder". It's due to the demonic technology they have given us. We have been ripped off. The things they give you have strings attached.

Sure they can promise to make things better at first but then like the "curse of the monkey's paw", something else bad happens which causes more bad than good.

Here's reptilian eye video. I think this effect could be easily recreated though. But it does put into question that maybe we humans are living in a world like the one in the 'V' miniseries.:

Some of them might not even know they are being used, just like how in battlestar galactica you have some cylons who don't know if they are who they think they are.

If I'm wrong then fine, but remember a lot of the ancient empires of the past had fallen and I think there is a lot of expectation that the one we have now (the global one that either exists now as a continuity of government in parrallel with the public one, or some future global NWO thing with every nation linked together) is eventually going to collapse in similar fashion. The famine, plagues, people being more violent and killing each other, earthquakes happening everywhere, poor getting poorer and rich getting richer (soon there will be no middle class) various nasa warnings of communications breaking down in a y2k like event. I'm happy to see the doomsday cults be shown to be wrong but the Colony collapse thing, american becoming a dictatorship, the malachi prophecy about the next pope, the drought, increased sightings of ufos, all count as doomsday signs... I predict the next thing is the appearance of an alien who will actually solve the crisis, (he will be like Gill in Street fighter with ability to perform miraculous things with his hands but have upper limits - some would argue people "Sai Baba" would fit that description) but something bad happens due to an inevitable global cataclysm that can't really be avoided. (like the reboot of the matrix - the system has crashed and you need to CTRL+ALT+DEL because the system has bugs and you can't recover the lost information caused by it, so you start again)

Even if you say you hid inside the ground in shelters, eventually you will have to come back to get some food. If all the living things on the surface are dead, it's going to be really unpleasant. That's why we should be exploring space and looking for planets similar to earth so the options are kept open.(assuming that humans haven't already done it many ages ago with help from more advanced civilisations "the sky gods" that might have visited earth long ago to give the ancient primitives a fighting chance of survival.)


Now on the religion thing: I think the alien thing and the religion thing might be somewhat related because the ancients had all kinds of strange rules to follow like they were paranoid of something out there which is out to kill them. And if you broke some of the rules, you would be cursed with sickness or something evil and told to run away from people who mingle with the "wrong crowd". Many of the warnings are supposed to be upheld today on what you can and can't do. I think a lot of that relates to evil versions of the "sky gods" trying to take control of humans and become their earthly leaders. The good guys had to run away, and focus on keeping the bloodline pure and the bad guys job was to kill the good guys before they could spread their seed.

But there is a spiritual part to it too: the human body is like a vessel for a spirit to inhabit. If you let an interdimensional being go inside you and "haunt" you body (look on youtube for glowing orb videos) you might give birth to a demonic child of some sort. So in order to cleanse yourself you had to shoo away all the interdimensional enttities that might have "clung" to you and possessed your sperm. This is why they reckon the reptilians exist both as dead being without a body, and also as a physical thing. All this lizard shit is ralated to religion because there is a war between fallen angels and humans while heaven is heavily guarded. Any attempt to escape earth to get inside results in getting attacked.

The buildings you see all have magick powers, by opening a gateway to heaven with pointy spikes to poke a hole in the sky, they can break the barrier between this world and spirits one to try to communicate and gain access to information, forbidden technology, lost knowledge etc because the demons have watched everything on earth for ages so would be in a unique position (ghostly form) to tell you stuff on subjects that men don't know anything about because we never thought it up. Many inventions that we have were brought into this world through the inventors claiming they contacted aliens to help them create this stuff. (tesla for example) So what's the problem? Aliens are helping us! ...but they also deceive and lie.

This is the problem with greys: they might want to claim they own the human race and created us. But they are just using humans to get what they need and pretending they will agree with the contract made with the humans and obey the contract.

If you're some alien and have technology way ahead of our technology, why would you care what some primitive human has to say? We aren't in a position to do anything if they decide not to uphold their end of the bargain. So what you have is lots of global sufferring and the benevolent aliens who possess this technology deliberately not using it to help people but instead to destroy them (RFID chip) or just let them have it long enough until you can clone them and use them for your own purposes. (our conventional weapons can be easily diarmed by the aliens that helped us invent them)

They have no interest in invading and destroying, if they can just capture and control the planet through its corrupted or mind-controlled leaders.

This is why all the secrecy over ufos. You can't trust the government because it's valuable technology which they want to hide. Can't trust aliens or "channeled beings" for honesty because they are envious of earth. And the masses can't trust themselves because how can you tell a clone made by a grey which abducted human women to make her pregnent and chipped them (like we do to our pets) to spy on them so the hybrid baby experiment was kept alive for study, ...from a normal person who is a natural human born from a pure human? You can't. And that's the point. If we die, the aliens can watch from space, and after we are gone extinct (only keeping the elite humans for future samples in a lab) they get to take earth in their hybrid body and party!

The Disclosure Project

The disclosure project is the closest thing I think we have to trying to find out more information because those people would be in a position to know what is being covered up. Isn't it strange that the technology exists to move around quickly but it's not being used for the benefit of mankind? Because they benefit having you slaves. They don't want you to see whats up on those other planets. They are hiding shit up there.

When they are dead the info goes with them.

30 Jan 2009 11:48 am

on the topic of 2012:
Fox coverage of the topic:

People are living in the mountains.

end of days doomsday predicters POV:

Dulce base may be where the actual imprisoned monster lives. Once the magick seal is broken it will rise out of the pit and be able to teleport anywhere it wants to. Unless people get a chance to go into the secret bases and see these hellgates with their eyes, it's all just speculation.
In the john carpenter movie, "They Live", if rowdy roddy piper had disguised himself as an alien maybe he might have been able to see more?
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30 Jan 2009 12:49 pm

I do ask that you don't blindly reject any of it though. Blindly rejecting any of this stuff is as stupid as blindly believing any of it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Have you heard about the teapot that's out orbiting near Saturn? Don't blindly reject it, that'd be stupid.

There are nuggets of truth in what you wrote but most of it is ridiculous. Smoke too many bongs or something? That's some ridiculous paranoia going on there. Please tell me you're kidding and writing this to get a rise out of GameHED (or people like me :D)

30 Jan 2009 01:13 pm

I just had a look at a few of your links, what the hell is it with paranoid schizophrenics and pages and pages of text? They just can't stop writing. And it's all garbage.

30 Jan 2009 01:16 pm

Mech people are really going out and buying canned food and living in the mountains in preparation of this doomsday date.

If they are wrong, then no harm. But if they are right, they will have avoided a lot of terrible things. Of course take everything you see with a grain of salt, but if a real y2k like thing happens, (all your records can be erased, robots go out of control, men become lawless) you got martial law in the US, you get put into a slave worker camp, and great big earthquakes and stuff start happening, along with war with china that results in "Fallout" type situation, you would be slapping your forehead for not listening to the doomsday warning.

If there is a great conspiracy those who are behind it will take people by surprise and go about it as secretly as possible. Little bit at a time. The goal: destroy the old order so they can rebuild a new one from its ashes. Like the phoenix. Or the transformation of the republic (jedi's got a say as advisors) into the great empire where the bad guys reigned in the star wars prequels. I think the loss of food is one warning of the end of the world coming around.

Colony collapse disorder:

I think the Beast mentioned in this video is this giant monster inside dulce base which is spiritually chained inside earth waiting to be allowed (given permissions) to escape:

It will probably able to cast spells and summon other subordinates to help him. It may literally rise out of the seas to destroy the surface world like the monster in cloverfield.


Giants, Reptilians, greys and the holy war:

Nazis, ufos, the secret space program:

30 Jan 2009 04:44 pm

mech wrote:
I do ask that you don't blindly reject any of it though. Blindly rejecting any of this stuff is as stupid as blindly believing any of it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Have you heard about the teapot that's out orbiting near Saturn? Don't blindly reject it, that'd be stupid.

Well yeah, but that is ridiculous.

Lets look at some of the stuff from my OP and pick out the confirmed real stuff.

FEMA Camps - Confirmed REAL. It's the speculation over what they are for that is debatable.

Verichip/RFID - Confirmed REAL. Again, speculation over their purpose is debatable.

Martial Law in the US - Possibly real. It has almost certainly been discussed in a closed door session of Congress. The first closed door session of congress in something like 50 years.

Barak Obama - Backed by the same big business interests as GWB. Throwing fresh air debt money into the broken economy that is only going to make things worse. Surrounded by some very interesting characters. Emmanuel Rahm as chief of staff?

Global Warming/Climate Change - Not one scrap of conclusive evidence.

Internet Filtering and Political Censorship - Very Real.

Yeah, some of the stuff I've put in the OP is way out there, but the stuff I've re-listed in this post is backed up by some fairly solid evidence. What's so hard to believe in this post?

30 Jan 2009 04:55 pm

Professor Griff from Public Enemy questions Obama. Yeah, he's black, great! What's he gonna do for the 'hood? What's he gonna do for the working man? What's his agenda? Who is Barak Obama for real?

30 Jan 2009 05:09 pm

Don't respond to mech's trolls, he's as close-minded as you'll get on anything like this. For example, he believes that a steel-framed building can catch on fire in some parts and later fall down perfectly into its own footprint.

30 Jan 2009 07:14 pm

Twiz: in light of what you think of Obama what do you make of his first act: closing Gitmo?

30 Jan 2009 07:19 pm

Twiztid Elf wrote:
mech wrote:
I do ask that you don't blindly reject any of it though. Blindly rejecting any of this stuff is as stupid as blindly believing any of it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Have you heard about the teapot that's out orbiting near Saturn? Don't blindly reject it, that'd be stupid.

Well yeah, but that is ridiculous.

Lets look at some of the stuff from my OP and pick out the confirmed real stuff.

FEMA Camps - Confirmed REAL. It's the speculation over what they are for that is debatable.

Verichip/RFID - Confirmed REAL. Again, speculation over their purpose is debatable.

Martial Law in the US - Possibly real. It has almost certainly been discussed in a closed door session of Congress. The first closed door session of congress in something like 50 years.

Barak Obama - Backed by the same big business interests as GWB. Throwing fresh air debt money into the broken economy that is only going to make things worse. Surrounded by some very interesting characters. Emmanuel Rahm as chief of staff?

Global Warming/Climate Change - Not one scrap of conclusive evidence.

Internet Filtering and Political Censorship - Very Real.

Yeah, some of the stuff I've put in the OP is way out there, but the stuff I've re-listed in this post is backed up by some fairly solid evidence. What's so hard to believe in this post?

FEMA camps as concentration camps.

Verichips impinging our civil liberties (not in our lifetime).

Martial law - pure conspiracy speculation. It could happen, it's happened before, so what? If it does happen, it'll be for a reason.

Barack Obama - the people of America voted for him. And in YOUR OPINION using debt money to stimulate the economy won't do anything. Why do you think he'd purposefully want to make things worse? NOT doing anything (see Japan) is even worse.

Global Warming / Climate Change - the globe is absolutely warming, but how much is due to people and how bad it's going to be has been completely overblown imo, but I guess we'll see.

Internet censorship is bullshit and people are fighting against it. The beauty of democracy is we CAN make a change. We are not passive pawns of the government. Stop whinging about the grand conspiracy and do something about it if you're really worried. Protests can and do make a difference and legislation can absolutely be rolled back.

Candy: Don't be a wanker.

30 Jan 2009 08:16 pm

Fair points mech.

Texas wrote:Twiz: in light of what you think of Obama what do you make of his first act: closing Gitmo?

Excellent in principle. But what are they going to do with them? Cheney/Bush still need to be brought to trial for war crimes - ain't gonna happen.

30 Jan 2009 09:22 pm

I must admint I am a fan of... shall we say... the Fortean World.

My favourite thing to read up on is anything to do with Groom Lake - not the Bob Lazar/Area 51/Underground bases with alien tech stuff, but the US classified programs going on there like Aurora, YF-24, YF-113G and the 3rd gen UCAV's.

31 Jan 2009 01:19 pm

Internet Filtering and Political Censorship - Very Real.

I think in the future all the computer geeks will be hired by the government to hack the enemy robots and control them so those people will be useful still. The internet will be crippled for the public in speed on the basis that everyone could be a cyber terrorist out to destroy the country. Instead of just banning sites on how to make explosives, how to commit suicide, abortion, all the hackers and their sites will be targeted as cyber terrorist threats by NSA. Not to mention all those political sites and alternative news sites which threaten the powers that be with *truth info. :down:

http://articles.latimes.com/2008/sep/08 ... /na-cyber8

In the terminator movies the resistance was able to hack some of the robots and make them work for them. So if you guys want to survive don't let them implant you with enhancements and GITs-like cyberbrain mods. Look what happened to Robocop when he tried to arrest the ED 209 creator - he was deliberately stopped from carrying out justice.

My survival advice may come in handy in future once all the robots go insane or have been hacked by l33t hackers who have been chipped and mind controlled by the governments who have hired them to destroy stuff and hunt natural humans down. (ie like agent smith in the matrix)
The next war could involve having to fight robots in the worst-case scenario where they have gone crazy/been taken over and attack from inside. (because we rely on them and trust it due to how low risk they are compared to using human soldiers)

There are lots of serious survival sites popping up over the internet eg:


an article from the guardian on what to do in a post apoc world:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/ ... tanya-gold

Things that need to be done:

-Humans need to set up bases on other planets in case the tin foil people were right and the aliens surprise attack after befriending us. If there are any hostile alien types flying around you would get advanced warning.

-There needs to be a plan similar to what happened in BSG where humans are prepared to go low tech in case the computers can't be relied upon anymore and people have to go to the 'original trilogy star wars' method of "using the force" techniques to fight and not relying on the machine. In bubblegum crisis they had those thing called the "Boomers", terminator like construction robots that would deliberately go berserk so as to test the polices ability to stop them so they could gather valuable data on how to improve them to make them better weapons. (part of a sim or game to make the AI better)

-Alternative energy, not because it's going to cool the globe, but it is very useful to have. Why waste electricity which you pay for to rechrge your wireless xbox 360 controller, when you can harness free energy from the sun with solar powered thing? It's a conspiracy by the establishment who see free forms of energy as a big threat to profits under normal systems they have.

-Be prepared for global currency in the future. Maybe everything is paid for in credits like in space quest. All about control. Every transaction you make will probably be recorded somewhere to monitor your purchases, where you purchased things, and who sold them. The information allows them to predict your buying habits, and they have no regard for how it will destroy your privacy. Spying on your computer printouts was one thing, but that's not all that will be done. The more chains they put around you the more secure they are.

-CCTV cameras everywhere - the government is eventually going to do it to you - so everyone else should bring cameras with them to fight the abuse that these technologies can have (creatively picking and choosing which parts of the recording to show to create a misleading story). Everyone must have their own evidence of what happened to prevent tampering or editing by them to mislead the public. Cameras show something, but is not proof these days that what is being seen is not digitally touched up. The only reason nasa got caught out for faking images of the ufos and alien structures on the moon is because they were not good at covering things up back then and used airbrushing to hide stuff. But they've gotten better with time so it gets harder to tell and everything is going digital now! Can't trust biased source, especially one that is prone to lie and create fake images. Don't fall for the evil wizards illusions and spells.
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31 Jan 2009 05:24 pm

Don't respond to mech's trolls, he's as close-minded as you'll get on anything like this. For example, he believes that a steel-framed building can catch on fire in some parts and later fall down perfectly into its own footprint.

It doesn't matter what's past is past. What people should now be focusing on is the eroding away of all of their rights. Even if the attack was not a false flag event, people should be protesting against the use of violence to solve violence. Might does not make you more right. If we wanted to destroy ourselves we would have done it on our own terms a long time ago, not rely on governments to select targets for us to make people rich.
The first thing you must understand is they don't actually believe the shit they say to the mass media. They are put into those positions of power because of the connections they have, not based on ability and good judgment. The need to create a dangerous situation and produce fear and anger is a step in a plan to make people worry and welcome their enslavement in exchange for false sense of security.

They fear you because you are in a position to threaten their plans to enslave humanity. Here is an example of what's to come:
http://www.prisonplanet.com/uk-terror-l ... legal.html

This is the reason why they want to take away all the guns. I hate to admit (I don't like violence myself - yeah sure I watch a lot of movies but that not real :P) but the gun owners in the US were right to be paranoid of losing their individual powers.

Parents of children, you need to start teaching your children about right and wrong. About bullying. About the history of oppression from other times. Because when they grow up they are going to be the next soldiers, police, security guards etc and they are going to act like they can do whatever they want because they see this government able to get away with it. What you want is the next generation to point out the mistakes of this generation's ideas and have them correct the behavior of all the bad apples that were in positions of authority who think they can make up laws as they see fit without any kind of resistance from the law-abiding freedom-loving people who reject that kind of future.

There will be a lot of violence in the future. Corruption. Deception. Manipulation. Bringing about more violence is going to fan the flames. They can't win if the next generation is prepared and educated about the reasons for their enslavement so they are able to carry on from where the older ones left off.

As I said before, they hope you don't watch them because they fully intend to carry out their global domination plan slowly and gradually through "death by a thousand cuts" while keeping you entertained and distracted. They want to dumb you down so you become reliant on them and keep feeding the beast, until they have extracted everything they need and can just kill you off when they don't need you.

The people who are carrying out the plans don't know about the plans themselves and are just innocently doing their job, sort of like zombies unaware of what the big picture is. At the end of the day, who has time to think about stuff like that, right? As long as you are fed, entertained, and you and your family feel secure and comfortable. But like the people stuck inside the matrix who are going about their business content with the CG existence, it's just an illusionary world of feelings, not the same as having the real thing on the outside world.

Some people might be aware that they are being manipulated but not care, since the feeling is all that matters, but in the end they are only cheating themselves.

Oppressive rulers who plot against the people that put them there could not have gotten far if the people didn't let them. So it's a failing of people at large for falling asleep. Whether the terrorist threat was real or not doesn't matter. Would you rather die happy having lived in an honest and free world, or live in an enslaved one miserable and forced to be a mindless robot unable to break from his code? Assume for a second that there are real terrorists out there: you still wouldn't solve the problem of stopping terror by angering the public, because you become a terrorist by enslaving the people and destroying its freedom so that people start accusing everyone else of being terrorists with no proof and giving the terrorist what they want - to bring fear and terror to people.

But as I said, they don't believe their own crap. It's just to bring you closer to the NWO which is to use chaos to bring global order. People who are governed by feelings and emotions can be manipulated by those feelings and emotions like the people stuck in the matrix. Spreading fear that you need to do x thing in order to get y thing and that no other alternative exists is how they maintain control. They like to speak in absolutes like the sith in star wars using fear to blackmail people into accepting some horrible change to the system. But evil is what it is, no matter how you try to spin it with positive sounding words. At the end of the day the elite profit from the blood and sweat of the poor masses. If you don't like it, enemies are found to be set against you, supported, and you have no choice but to kill each other, with earth as an arena and the combatant sides as gladiators for their entertainment and profit.

"Can I have YOUR names please" :lol:

31 Jan 2009 09:24 pm

Here's some extra stuff to backup what TE mentioned about internet censorship which is already in effect in some places:

I can definitely see a lot of the left-leaning liberal sites, alternative media, "critical of the government" sites, all the non-mainstream stuff, etc being the first on the aussie blacklist since our leaders are all conspiring to hide stuff. It's global agenda where they plot in secret away from public scrutiny on how to rule the world, and what strategies can be used to do it without the public knowledge. We must assume that most organisations have already been taken over, infiltrated, paid off, have shills posing as independent critics, working around the clock to stop you from hearing seeing and reading things they don't want you to. They don't call it an "invisible octopus" (whose tentacles extend into everything) for no reason.

The object is to destroy your ability to think and dumb the internet down to the level of mainstream tv (the idiot box as some would call it) to keep up the illusion of freedom for all. *sigh* We shouldn't really be surprised that australia is going down this path given how we can't even get an R rating for games. Fucking pathetic.

Another interesting article listing all the reasons for the censorship:
http://www.prisonplanet.com/australia-t ... rship.html

Now I have no doubt that Australia is definitely the "test" population as I mentioned before in the other thread on net censorship. Remember that if america's proper freedom fails, we all go down with them as the leaders here follow their ideas. It doesn't matter who you guys vote for! It's like the aliens vs predator poster: whoever wins, we lose. :(
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31 Jan 2009 10:13 pm

Here's a good one. Alex Jones rant about Internet Censorship, Google and YouTube. (some of the same stuff as yours GH).

01 Feb 2009 08:34 am

On that AJones youtube vid: now you know why I call them 'control freaks'!

It's a battle for minds. They want to keep all of us stuck inside the matrix. tsk tsk

We are just chinese gold farmers in their MMORPG of earth and we pay them for it.

Why do you think all of the meettings have to be done in secret away from the public? Because they are up to no good, slowly chipping away at the people's country to extract what they can from you hoping you won't care and then dressing it up as good for you.
Any criticism about it? "You are a breeding ground for terrorists, your site is a hate site, you are teaching kids hacking etc and other ridiculous things.

It's a global conspiracy. They wouldn't be able to pull something like it off without secret meetings and a sleeping population. So they put you to sleep, distract your attention, and make the change quietly as possible or just make the changes slow and gradual in the hope people can't see the "big picture" and link it all together as a plot to destroy the nation and control the world by uniting it into a dictatorship. As all the pieces fall into place, people will wake up with chains around them wondering what the fuck happened and how it got to be like this, and why nobody warned them. It happened because they were smarter than you and they bank on dumbing you down. They only pretended to be dumb so you could feel like there was nothing to worry about.

"Get back into the matrix, with all the other zombies."

But the system will just collapse like all other corrupt empires in the past.
The world was meant to be split up into seperate pieces for diversity reasons. Like when you go to an island and you see a lot of different types of living things that do things differently to survive. Once the natural balance is upset, what you see is individuals complaining that they can't do things they want to do and only being taken for granted. Each person and group of people is unique. But they take advantages of those little differences to make the people fight against each other in wars (which they can profit from and split humanity up into manageable groups to blackmail either side they want to control with by arming them) and then come in as innocent humanitarians trying to bring world peace, with the real intention of uniting them into a global government where you have no freedom at all. All the money spent on the wars could be used to give to the poor and needy and helping those that need the most help. They don't give a shit about that stuff because they are only in those positions because they are attracted to the power it gives them.

It's a curse of the self-fullfilling prophecy. Those in power predict someone is going to rob them. They make steps to attack everyone out of fear their ill-gotten gains will be taken away by the people from which they took it off, ..in order to defend what they have. This results in making lots more enemies and the enemies take it back because if they don't, they can't survive so are left with no option.
What action was put into place to protect something out of fear of losing it, becomes the catalyst that puts into motions events that brings about its loss.

A good example of this is in some movies like nightmare on elm street and star wars:

When the girl is haunted by an evil spirit out of negative feelings and guilt. The negative emotions forms a gateway for the demon to take form and enter this world which is created from the emotions of fear and worry. That creature can only be taken away when a person removes the fear to stop feeding it. Freddy Krueger can't attack you if you stop feeding him and attracting its attention to come into this world.

In the prequel trilogy star wars, Anakin is having nightmares that padme is going to be strangled by some killer. This fear prompts him to "want more power to protect her". He becomes obsessed with the need to become stronger and more powerful. Then the power drives him insane and he strangles padme, realising the evil was inside him due to all the worry and fear he built up which fed the darkside and made the prophecy or dream come true. If he removed those emotions and not let it affect him then the nightmare would not have come to life. Maybe if he had known who was strangling her earlier then he would see the evil in himself. All he knew was something was strangling. Like the above example the fear of losing her, created the power to feed the evil that allowed her death to come true.

Your thoughts create reality. All the creatures and monster people thought up and imagine were already created and exist in some other dimension and they merely call to them with their mind and allow them to influence their thoughts and enter into their minds invisibly. This energy they absorb empowers them, (just like in the movie "Monsters inc") and these creatures then attack everyone else. (chpacabras, mothmen, black panthers, thunder birds etc and other mythical creatures)

The only way to combat them is through spiritual warfare. If people were less materialistic they would be able to dispel them and limit what influence they have in the world. If everyone fought the evil in themselves, (like the hobbits in lord of the rings) then you wouldn't get this cycle of destruction. (corrupted people fighting over land, politicians destroying freedom of speech because they need to cover up their crimes, paranoia by military over the people whose tax dollars they are funded by to protect them, thinking they are out to kill them and enemies are all over the place. This fear created the beast which eats you from inside. Creating more fear in the hope you can feel safer just makes it stronger. The bad guys that control all of the groups invisibly know this and seek to create as much chaos on purpose to make people scared.

This is why they need to crack people's spirits so they can infuse the physical vessel with a demon of some sort that can control your mind from the inside out and become a slave to the great beast. (referred to in ancient texts as a dragon of some sort) I predict that after all the religious holy sites are destroyed, they will be able to summon all kind of demons to destroy the surface (don't think of all aliens as being limited to physical form, but some are like ghosts ie like in the movie "Contact") and make it into a more suitable demonic living space. This is similar to how in ancient times they had giant's and half-human-half animal beings appearing amongst the humans in the legends. In the movie 300 they put in a few monsters which I think might be what they expect to come out because the comic book never had that kind of stuff.
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