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 Sega Sell Off - Round Two 
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Wants it in 8 Directions
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Hey Y'all.

Been meaning to get around to selling this stuff but life and incredibly compact storage skills got in the way of getting this stuff down and sorted. Interested? Let me know.. happy to sell as a whole or look at bundles.


Mega Cd
2 Road Avenger
16 Double Switch
18 Tomcat Alley
26 Ecco The Dolphin CD
39 Kriss Kross Make My Video

Sega Dreamcast Instructions? Case?
1 Speed Devils y y
2 Sonic Adventure 2 y y
3 Powerstone 2 y y
4 Sword of the Berserk y y
5 Metropolis Street Racer y y
6 Tomb Raider - The Last Relevation y y
7 Headhunter y y
8 Powerstone  y y
9 Resident Evil 2 y y
10 Soul Calibur  y y
11 Soul Reaver - Legacy Of Kain y y
12 Blue Stinger y y
13 Gauntlet Legends y y
14 Hydro Thunder y y
15 Ecco The Dolphin - Defender of the Future y y
16 Psychic Force 2012 y y
17 Plasma Sword y y
18 Evolution y y
19 Techromancer y y
20 Marvel VS Capcom y y
21 Silver y y
22 Sega Rally y y
23 Dead or Alive 2 y y
24 Trickstyle y y
25 Marvel VS Capcom 2 y y
26 Grandia II y y
27 Zombie Revenge y y
28 Jet Set Radio y y
29 Chu Chu Rocket y y
30 Crazy Taxi  y y
31 Resident Evil: Code Veronica y y
32 Space Channel 5  y y
33 Virtua Figher 3tb y y
34 Sonic Adventure  y y
35 Toy Commander y y
36 Phantasy Star Online y y
37 Skies of Arcadia y y
38 Shenmue  y y
40 Virtua Tennis y y

5 Cosmic Carnage 32 X y y
6 Loibri 32 X y y
7 Doom 32 X y y

Sega Saturn Instructions? Case?
1 Riglord Saga - Mystaria 2 JAP Yes y
2 Netlink NTSC Yes y
6 Steep Slope Sliders PAL Yes y
15 Quake PAL y y
17 NBA Action 98 PAL y y
18 Discworld II - Missing Presumed PAL Yes y
19 Formula Karts PAL y y
20 D PAL N Yes only 1 cd
21 Skeleton Warriors PAL Yes y
22 BLAM! Machinehead PAL y y
23 Command & Conquer PAL n y
24 Cyberia PAL n Yes
26 Battle Arena Toshinden URA PAL Yes Yes
27 Whizz PAL y y
29 World League Soccer '98 PAL Yes Yes
30 Swagman PAL Yes Yes
33 Independence Day - The game PAL Yes y
35 Actua Soccer - Club Edition PAL y y
36 Sonic 3D - Flickie's Island PAL Yes y
37 NHL Powerplay PAL y y
39 F1 Challenge PAL y y
40 UEFA Euro 96 PAL y y
44 Revolution X PAL y y
45 Johnny Bazookatone PAL y y
46 Battle Arena Toshinden Remix PAL y y
47 Firestorm - Thunderhawk 2 PAL y y
48 Bug! PAL y y
49 Mass Destruction PAL y y
50 Off-world Interceptor EXTREME PAL y y
51 Krazy Ivan PAL y y
61 Sega Ages Volume 1 PAL y y
63 True Pinball PAL y y
65 Robotica - Cybernation Revolt PAL Yes y
73 Exhumed PAL Yes Yes
75 Shining Wisdom PAL Yes Yes
76 King Of Fighters 95 PAL Yes Yes boxed and cart
77 Spot Goes to Hollywood PAL Yes Yes
80 Galaxy Fight PAL Yes Yes
81 Gex PAL y y
82 Fighters Megamix PAL Yes y
86 International Victoru Goal PAL y y
87 NHL All-Star Hockey PAL Yes y
88 Virtual Golf PAL Yes y
89 Earthworm Jim 2 PAL Yes yes
90 Crimewave PAL y y
91 Trash It PAL Yes Yes
95 Duke Nukem 3d PAL y y
100 Fighting Vipers PAL y y
104 Myst - PAL Yes Yes
106 Baku Baku PAL y y
107 StreetFighter Alpha 2 PAL Yes y
108 Tempest 2000 PAL Yes Yes
109 Casper PAL Yes Yes
110 Titan Wars PAL y y
111 Tunnel B1 PAL y y
113 Sega Rally PAL Yes y
117 Dark Savior PAL Yes y
119 Victory Boxing PAL Yes Yes
121 Mystaria - The Realms of Lore PAL Yes Yes
122 Blast Chamber PAL Yes Yes
123 Digital Pinball PAL Yes yes
124 NBA Action PAL Yes Yes
125 Theme Park PAL Yes Yes
128 Daytona USA PAL Yes y
129 Bug Too! PAL Yes y
130 Break Point PAL Yes Yes
132 Virtua Fighter 2 PAL Yes y
134 Bust a Move 3 PAL y y
135 Three Dirty Dwarves PAL Yes Yes
142 Street Figher Alpha PAL Yes y
150 Road Rash PAL Yes Yes
151 Darius Gaiden PAL Yes y
152 Robo Pit PAL Yes Yes
153 Impact Racing PAL Yes Yes
154 Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball PAL Yes Yes
155 Virtual Hylide PAL n Yes
157 Pandemonium PAL n yes
166 Madden 97 PAL Yes Yes
170 Corpse Killer - Graveyard Edition NTSC Yes y
171 Area 51 PAL Yes yes cd works but ink coming off
172 Sky Target PAL Yes Yes
173 PGA Tour 97 PAL Yes Yes
174 Andretti Racing PAL Yes Yes
175 Battle Stations PAL Yes Yes
177 Hi-Octane PAL Yes Yes
179 FIFA Soccer 96 PAL Yes y
180 NBA Live 97 PAL Yes Yes
181 NHL 97 PAL y y
182 FIFA 98 - Road to World Cup PAL y y
184 The Need For Speed PAL Yes Yes
186 Shining The Holy Ark PAL Yes Yes
188 Nights - Into Dreams PAL y y
189 Saturn Bomberman PAL Yes Yes
191 Mega Man X3 PAL Yes Yes
192 Croc - Legend of Gobbos PAL Yes y
194 Shining Force III PAL Yes Yes
195 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo PAL Yes y
196 Atlantis - The Lost Tales PAL Yes y
198 Last Bronx PAL y y
200 Enemy Zero PAL Yes Yes
201 Riven - The Sequel To Myst PAL Yes yes
202 King Of Fighters 95 PAL Yes No cart or cardboard
204 Xmen VS Street Fighter JAP Yes y
205 Pocket Fighter JAP Yes y
206 Layer Section II JAP Yes y
207 Sonic Jam JAP Yes y
208 Grandia JAP Yes y
209 Virtua Fighter Remix PAL Yes y
210 Vampire Savior JAP Yes y
210 Marvel Super Heroes Yes Yes
211 Metal Slug Yes y
212 DJ Wars Yes y
213 Slayers Royale JAP Yes y

Megadrive Instructions? Case?
4 Splatterhouse 2 y y
6 Zoop y y
7 Terminator 2 - Judgement Day y y
10 Atomic Runner y y
12 Heavy Nova y y
13 Hellfire y y
15 Asterix & The Power Of The Gods y y
16 Batman Returns  y y
23 Zero - The Kamikaze Squirrel y y
24 Super Baseball 2020 y y
28 Sonic The Hedgehog 2  y y
29 Fatal Fury y y
35 Wiz n Liz y y
36 Mickey Mania y y
37 Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure y y
39 Jeopardy y y
40 The Pirates of Dark Water y y
41 Ex-Mutants y y
42 Mega Games 1  y y
44 Global Gladiators y y
47 Grand Slam - The Tennis Tournament y y
48 Zool y y
49 Balljacks y y
50 Space Harrier II y y
55 Bodycount y y
56 Jennifer Capriati Tennis y y
60 Alex Kidd - In the Enchanted Castle y y
62 Crackdown y y
63 Red Zone y y
64 Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention y y
65 The Addam's Family n y
71 Columns y y
74 Ecco The Dolphin y y
76 Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers y y
77 Alisia Dragoon y y
80 Light Crusader y y
81 ATP Tour y y
83 Super Hylide y y
88 Musha y y
89 Fever Pitch Soccer y y
92 Hyperdunk n y
97 Virtua Racing y y
98 Alien Soldier y y
99 The Ooze y y

25 Sep 2016 02:38 pm
Forum Faggot
Forum Faggot
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Fuck that's some collection. *sigh* monies

25 Sep 2016 03:57 pm
Wants it in 8 Directions
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It got suitably reduced a few years ago but that's the remaining list.

Monies indeed.

25 Sep 2016 04:03 pm
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Headhunter, Grandia II, Sword of the Berserk and Skies of Arcadia sold pending msgs.


selfish wrote:
Being a massive fanboy and trying to hide it is Lestat's worst bottleneck.

Currently playing: Yakuza 5.

25 Sep 2016 04:03 pm
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Holy fuck, Kolibri

Wouldn't happen to have a 32x you want to get rid of at the same time? That's one of the few consoles I don't have.

01 Oct 2016 07:44 am
Wants it in 8 Directions
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Joined: 16 Dec 2006 02:28 pm
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Actually I have one of those too!

01 Oct 2016 06:58 pm
Still a rookie
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I kind of regret trading in my copies of Blue Stinger and Power Stone all those years ago...

Just wondering, how much are they worth? Also, Skies of Arcadia ?


03 Oct 2016 02:37 pm
Makes poor choices in hats

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Blue Stinker is worth something? What a world, what a world.

03 Oct 2016 03:08 pm
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GeneraL CyberFunK wrote:
Actually I have one of those too!

Well if you're interested in selling a 32x and all the 32x games you have, let me know how much you want!

15 Oct 2016 12:32 pm
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